Post investment, Boutiq will no longer be offering nanoparticles for sale. If interested in collaborative development, please contact inventor and founder Prof. Richard Tilley of UNSW (Sydney), directly.

Boutiq Nanoparticle Solutions offer unique nanoparticles for scientists and engineers wishing to integrate cutting edge materials into their research and development.

Here at Boutiq, we offer our experienced service to further advance your R&D project. We will do this by providing a product tailored to your needs, with full characterisation supplied with every product we deliver.

Nanomaterials offer huge potential in commercial or industrial applications due to their many enhanced properties compared to similar bulk materials. It’s no wonder nanotechnology has become the next big thing, as nanomaterials set to revolutionize the electronic and medical fields – with many materials already having done so!

Enhanced magnetic, optical and catalytic properties of nanoparticles are used in a variety of applications: from magnetic drives and LED technology, to catalytic converters in cars. Many of these properties are dependent on composition, size, dispersity and morphology of the resulting nanoparticle. By controlling all of these factors to produce high quality materials, we can further improve the engineering of next-gen products.

Boutiq represents world leading capability in the synthesis of nanoparticles from the solution phase and comes from over ten years research experience. Many of the nanoparticles we supply are unique only to Boutiq, and as such we expect unique properties which may lead to higher performing applications. These properties include: luminescence for optical technologies; superparamagnetism for MRI, separation systems and theranostics; and surface-dependent molecular interactions for catalysis and sensing.

We offer a range of different nanomaterials and are available with differing size, shape and surface functionality viewable on the products page.

If what you are looking for does not appear on the products page, we offer tailored solutions, so please contact us and let’s talk.

Unfortunately, due to our assignment of IP to Ferronova Pty Ltd of the iron-iron oxide core-shell technology, we will no longer be able to offer these materials for sale moving forward.