About us


Post investment, Boutiq will no longer be offering nanoparticles for sale. If interested in collaborative development, please contact inventor and founder Prof. Richard Tilley of UNSW (Sydney), directly.

The Company

Boutiq was founded by Dr. Tilley and Dr. Watt in 2011 as a spin-off of nanoparticle research developed at Victoria University of Wellington and the MacDiarmid Institute of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology in Wellington, New Zealand. With the assistance from VicLink Ltd., Boutiq Science Ltd. has since expanded in 2013, taking on several new team members to further develop and commercialise our nanoparticle research for targeted applications, with the mission to be a leading supplier of unique nanoparticles to the research community.

Paul Atkins

Managing Director

In addition to his role as Managing Director of Boutiq, Paul is CEO of Zealandia. During a career spanning over 30 years in international relations and RS&T, Paul has been instrumental in establishing enduring links and mutually beneficial partnerships across all aspects of the Research, Science & Trade sectors.
Previous roles have included Managing Director of the National Energy Research Institute; Director of Business Development for Izon Science Ltd, a nanotechnology instrumentation company moving into global markets; General Manager for International Investments with the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology; and a Director in the British Council for almost 20 years. He has worked on over 40 countries around the world. Paul holds an MSc, plus post-graduate qualifications in business and marketing management. He is a Chartered Physicist and member of the Institute of Physics, a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (UK), and a member of the Institute of Directors (UK).

Assoc Professor Richard Tilley

Professor Richard Tilley

Chief Scientific Director

Prof. Richard Tilley is the founding scientist of Boutiq Science Ltd, which stems from his research performed at Victoria University of Wellington, where he was stationed between 2003-14 as A/Prof (VUW, manager of Electron microscopy labs) and a Principle Investigator for The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnlogy. Richard received his MChem from the University of Oxford and PhD in chemistry from the University of Cambridge. After which he was awarded a Toshiba Postdoctoral Fellowship and spent two years working in the nanotechnology group in Japan. Throughout his career he has worked on the liquid phase synthesis of nanocrystals with the aim of controlling properties, shape and structure. Current interests include catalytic metals, magnetic nanoparticles and silicon quantum dots and their use in industrial and commercial applications.

Prof. Richard currently resides in Sydney (Australia) leading the Electron Microscopy Unit at the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre of the University of South Wales (UNSW). You can visit his group research webpage here.

Dr. Anna Henning

Sales and Product Development Manager

Anna is employed by Boutiq Science Ltd. as lead manager for client relations relating to sales, marketing and product development. In particular this means Anna manages new R&D projects and products developed with partners and clients. Anna received her Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Products and Processes at Victoria University, and recently completed her PhD in Chemistry, on the synthesis of shaped bimetallic nanocrystals towards use as catalysts under the supervision of Prof. Richard Tilley. Through her scientific career she has gained experience in laboratories and institutes across the world – including the EU, UK and Japan. Anna has a keen interest in all things science and business, and through Boutiq she hopes to apply nanomaterials towards industrial and commercial problems, to better suit the needs of people today.

Gary Ward

Accounting, Finance and Business Development Director

Gary comes to Boutiq from partner company Viclink, where he manages the finance and business development functions. Gary studied at Victoria before providing accounting services to the SME sector in Wellington and qualifying as a chartered accountant. Gary then spent eight years in Dublin, Ireland in the reinsurance industry focusing on sales, marketing and insurance products. During that time Gary studied to become a member of the UK Chartered Insurance Institute including being awarded top scholar in Ireland. Since, Gary has returned to New Zealand to work with VicLink and Boutiq towards business development activities. In addition, Gary is presently working towards a Masters of Business and Technology through the University of New South Wales. He is excited to be helping guide and advance the cutting edge technology coming out of Victoria University through Boutiq.

Dr. Melanie Nelson

Research & Development

Melanie received her PhD from Victoria University of Wellington under Prof. John Spencer in the area of organometallic chemistry. She has a variety of chemical, lab and instrumental experience, including internships at Industrial Research Limited and the Technical University of Munich. She has significant awards under her belt for undergraduate, master and PhD research scholarships; including Victoria Doctoral Awards, Jane Ferguson Scholarships and NZ Federation of Graduate Women. Melanie joins Boutiq for material production, development and process improvement, particularly focusing on the area of magnetic iron nanoparticles and Boutiq’s commercial applications.

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Viclink Commercialisation Management

Dr. Anne Barnett

VicLink Relations and Commercialisation Manager

Anne is supporting Boutiq through her role as Senior Commercialisation Manager of Viclink Ltd, Victoria University of Wellington’s technology transfer company. A physical scientist by training, Anne is passionate about bringing science, technology and society together. As such, her career has focused largely on business development and science commercialisation activities for organisations such as Creative HQ (Wellington’s business incubator), the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, and Izon Science Ltd, a nanotechnology start-up. She has also successfully run her own business providing marketing, business development and strategic consulting services for science and high tech sectors.
Having gained a BSc from the University of Canterbury, Anne completed Honours at the Australian National University, and a PhD in Physics at MacQuarie University. She has also studied at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, in addition to working in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Jeremy Jones

VicLink Senior Commercialisation Manager

With a Masters in Chemistry from Otago University, Jeremy has worked for GlycoSyn (the discovery, development and manufacturing arm of Callaghan Innovation) as a Process Development Chemist, and KiwiNet (an organisation that supports public commercialisation offices by providing access to investment, training tools and networks) as a Commercialisation Manager.

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Advisory Group for Boutiq Science Ltd

It is essential to have access to advisory input from across a range of relevant fields to ensure success in high-value technologies.  For this, Boutiq has established an informal network of advisors. Below you will find  a list of Boutiq’s advisory members which have strong commercial and scientific backgrounds in the areas of which Boutiq focus.

Boutiq Advisory Group members are currently:

  • Professor Alexander Seifalian, University College London
  • Professor David Williams, Auckland University and the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
  • Professor Mark Green, King’s College London
  • Professor Paul Matthews, Imperial College London

Prof. Alexander Seifalian, University College London

Profile for Alex at UCL

Prof. Seifalian is an expert in the field of cardiovascular implants and regenerative medicines, where his research includes the role of nanotechnology in the production of artificial organs – including producing the world’s first (functioning!) windpipe using nanotech. Read his “a day in the life of…” here

Prof. David Williams, Auckland University and the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

David’s AUT profile

Professor Williams is a well-renowned UK/NZ scientist in the area of electrochemistry and chemical sensing, has published over 200 papers and 40 patents, and is co-founder of start-up Aeroqual.

Prof. Mark Green, King’s College London

Profile for Mark at KCL

Prof. Greens area of expertise is in the synthesis and application of metal and semiconductor nanomaterials, with research experience in both University and commercial entities within greater UK.

Prof. Paul Matthews, Imperial College London

Paul’s Imperial College profile

Prof. Matthews has extensive experience in the area of neuroscience, especially focusing on diagnosis (imaging), monitoring and treatment. Professor Matthews was awarded an OBE in 2008 for services to neuroscience and was elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2014.