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Post investment, Boutiq will no longer be offering nanoparticles for sale. If interested in collaborative development, please contact inventor and founder Prof. Richard Tilley of UNSW (Sydney), directly.

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Changes to Boutiq offerings, post IP investment

With the exciting new partnering of Boutiq IP and UniSA technology into Ferronova Pty Ltd., comes changes.

Unfortunately we will no longer be able to offer for sale magnetic nanoparticles consisting of iron-iron oxide core-shell particles.

Richard Tilley, the founder of Boutiq and inventor of our iron-iron oxide core-shell nanoparticle IP, still develops within this space. For further interest in forming a research relationship, please contact him directly.

Richard Tilley at University of New South Wales

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Ferronova’s magnet cancer detection device draws investors

Ferronova has spun-out of research done at University of South Australia and will partner with New Zealand-based nanoparticle specialist Boutiq Science and major IP investor, Powerhouse Ventures to develop an ultrasensitive magnetometer probe, designed to be about the size of a ball-point pen.

Boutiq Science, which makes the tracers used in different applications across industries, is an exclusive partner with Ferronova on the medical use of its tracers.

While traditional radioactive tracers help detect the spread of both breast cancer and melanoma in lymph nodes, they have proved less effective in other cancers such as head and neck, gastrointestinal and oesophageal cancers, where nodes are closely packed or clustered.

The device, designed to replace invasive procedures, is a result of the doctoral work of UniSA researcher Dr Aidan Cousins, who will join Ferronova along with Associate Professor Benjamin Thierry.

See the full article here!

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Success! Investment from Powerhouse Ventures

Boutiq’s work in the space of magnetic nanoparticles has shown fruitfulness, attracting investment towards establishment of a new company Ferronova Pty Ltd.

We partner with University of South Australia, developing cancer diagnostics, to improve patient outcomes using our magnetic nanoparticles IP

Read more here!

This is an exciting outcome and great job done for the teams involved!

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Nano in the News: Anna on RadioNZ ThisWayUp

Dr. Anna Henning, our sales and product development manager, was on RadioNZ with Simon of ThisWayUp discussing “nano”: where it is and what’s next.

Have a look at RadioNZ website, here

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Congratulations to Dr. Anna Henning on her Kiwinet “Norman F. Barry Trust Emerging Innovator Award” Nomination

Anna has been nominated as a finalist in a yearly round of Kiwinet Awards for her work in helping Boutiq commercialise their nanomaterials.

You can find more information at the Kiwinet page here, or the media release excerpt below.

Anna wishes to thank her team at Boutiq, Boutiq’s parent VicLink for their support in nominating her, and also to indicate her congratulations and support to the other nominees!


Hamilton, NZ, 12 May 2016 – Twelve innovative researchers and cutting edge research commercialisation projects have been selected as finalists for the fourth annual KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards, designed to celebrate commercialisation success within New Zealand’s universities and Crown Research Institutes.

The clever high-tech innovations pushing the frontiers of business include, silver nanoparticles to treat and prevent dental disease, wood fibre-reinforced plastic, a method for boosting plant growth and controlling disease, laser sensors for sperm sorting, new honey and propolis based supplements, high value functional vegetables, and healing gels from natural products.

The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) is a consortium of 15 universities, Crown Research Institutes and a Crown Entity established to boost commercial outcomes from publicly funded research.

General Manager Dr Bram Smith, says, “Every year the awards uncover more inspirational stories of cutting edge research powering business innovation and economic growth. The awards are a tribute to innovative researchers, working withentrepreneurial businesses and passionate Tech-Transfer professionals across New Zealand. Where others see scientific complexity, they see commercial opportunity.”

The 2016 KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards finalists are:

Norman F. Barry Trust Emerging Innovator Award

  • Dr Anna Henning, Victoria University of Wellington: Embracing a Boutiq opportunity – leading nanomaterials from the lab to the world
  • Dr Daniel Holland, University of Canterbury: Mathematics plus measuremenats equals economic benefit
  • Dr Carla Meledandri, University of Otago, The MacDiarmid Institute: Harnessing silver nanoparticles to treat and prevent dental disease

Baldwins Researcher Entrepreneur Award

  • Dr Robert Hill, Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln University: Helping key industries to save millions – boosting plant growth and keeping disease under wraps
  • Dr. Stephen Moratti, University of Otago: Healing gels from natural products – an exciting new gel material for post-surgical healing
  • Associate Professor Cather Simpson,  University of Auckland: From sensors to sperm sorting – lighting up NZ’s economy with lasers

Research & Business Partnership Award

  • University of Canterbury and Canterbury Scientific Ltd: Biotechnology research projects to address significant, global diagnostic health problems including diabetes, preeclampsia and hypertension
  • Callaghan Innovation and Manuka Health: CycloPower™ bee product based range of dietary supplements
  • Scion and Sonae: Woodforce – a high performance wood fibre-reinforced plastic

PwC Commercial Deal Award

  • Soft wear by StretchSense:  Unleashing fashion on technology – making wearable tech invisible
  • Plant & Food Research: vitalvegetables® - high value functional vegetables
  • AgResearch: ZeaKal - international spin out helps NZ plant biotechnology gain traction

The BNZ Supreme Award will be presented for overall excellence in all core areas of research commercialisation.

The KiwiNet Awards judging panel comprises: Dr Andrew Kelly, Executive Director at BioPacific Partners, Dr Ray Thomson, angel investor and MacDiarmid Institute Chairman, Helen Robinson, Executive Chair at Organic Initiative, and Rob Heebink, R&D Executive at Gallagher Group.

Lead judge Dr Andrew Kelly says, “It’s great to see the KiwiNet Awards continue to bring out some excellent examples of the art of commercialisation. It’s a capability New Zealand needs more of and our research institutes – all of them – seem to be getting better year after year.”

The Awards are the pinnacle of KiwiNet activities designed to build awareness and inspire research commercialisation success.  Sponsorship support is provided by BNZ, Minter Ellison Rudd Watts, PwC, Baldwins, MBIE and Sciencelens photography.

BNZ director – value chain, Jason Lewthwaite says, “At BNZ we are always keen to support innovative approaches to embracing commercial opportunities. We continue to support these awards as they encourage the next generation of innovators and researchers to explore new possibilities and enable a high achieving New Zealand.”

KiwiNet ( partner organisations include WaikatoLink, Plant & Food Research, Otago Innovation Ltd, Lincoln University, AUT Enterprises, AgResearch, University of Canterbury, Callaghan Innovation, Viclink, Landcare Research, Cawthron Institute, ESR, NIWA, Scion and GNS Science.  Principal support is provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE).

Paul Stocks, Deputy Chief Executive of MBIE’s Labour, Science and Enterprise group, says commercialisation of research is an important driver of economic growth, which benefits all New Zealanders. “Through collaboration KiwiNet is helping to create greater commercial outcomes from our publicly-funded research, an approach MBIE supports.”

KiwiNet Awards 2016 finalists will deliver a final presentation to judges on 30 June in Auckland and winners will be announced at a reception that evening.

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It’s a New Year!

Boutiq is moving ahead in leaps and bounds! We’re developing our iron magnetic nanoparticles for use towards medical devices with a variety of partners, in addition to supplying our unique nanoparticles to the research community.

We are currently supplying a variety of nanoparticles for purchase. As our particles are unique to Boutiq and tuned for your application they are typically made to order (see Products page for ideas). However we regularly produce stock of our more popular items, including iron core-iron oxide shell (Fe NP), gold, palladium branched and iron oxide nanoparticles. So contact for availability!

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Iron nanoparticles and new coatings!

Boutiq offer highly magnetic iron core nanoparticles, which we are currently commercialising towards use as a medical device.

We supply particles which are coated in both hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings. As part of our ongoing R&D in this area, in addition to small molecules like DMSA, we now also offer PEGylated products such as our PEG-phosphonate Fe NPs.

Contact for more information!

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Boutiq Advisory Group

We have an expanding group of highly expert individuals helping support our growth.

See new updates on them on the About us page with short descriptions, profiles and news links!

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Updates on the team

Jeremy Jones of VicLink, critical in supporting Boutiq through our Kiwinet funding process, is taking on a Senior Commercialisation Manager role.

See VicLink’s blog and Jeremy’s background here or head on over to our About us page for a brief description.

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