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TechConnect Successful

We hope all that attended TechConnect enjoyed it and were able to join for Paul’s Innovation Spotlight!
Anna and Paul whom represented Boutiq as part of the NZ delegation (hosted by Callaghan Innovation and Grow Wellington) are very grateful for the ability to be there and the support received. As a group of NZ companies we were able to collectively support our growing network of commercialization partners.

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R. Tilley at UNSW

Richard Tilley, founder and current CSO of Boutiq Science Ltd., has taken up a new position at University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

This is a fantastic position and everyone at Boutiq and VicLink congratulate him.

While positioned in Australia Richard is remaining as CSO of Boutiq.

So business as usual at Boutiq, currently based in Wellington NZ, but now with an Australian arm!

To see Richard’s new profile as professor at UNSW and director of the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, visit here.

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TechConnect Innovation Award

Fantastic news!

“Boutiq tailored nanoparticles for emerging technologies” has been recognized as a 2015 TechConnect Innovation Awardee at next month’s TechConnect National Innovation Summit, in Washington, D.C (June 14-17th).

  • The TechConnect Innovation Awards selects the top early-stage innovations from around the world through an industry-review process of the top 20% of annually submitted technologies into the TechConnect National Innovation Summit.
  • As a TechConnect Innovation Awardee, we are listed as an Awardee on TechConnect’s Innovation Awards home-page:
  • Please visit us at TechConnect Showcase booth, 13-17th June!

We also congratulate the other NZ delegate companies who have also won this award! Boutiq are grateful to be one of the 5 NZ companies to receive this, which indicates NZ progress in technological innovation!

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Boutiq evergrowing! Welcome Melanie!

Boutiq is continually growing, both in our product expertise and company. We welcome Melanie Nelson aboard as part of our research and development team.

With a PhD in Chemistry she will help Boutiq in new R&D focusing on medical device technologies.

Visit the team page (About us) for further information about Melanie, or contact her at for discussions about Boutiq R&D that could fit your needs!

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Boutiq at TechConnect World 2015!

Boutiq Science will be showcasing this year at TechConnect World, held in Washington DC mid June. We will be attending impact workshops on June 14th, along with appearance in the showcase from 15th-17th as part of a NZ delegation.

  • Paul and Anna will be attending this conference, and should you like to get in touch, please send us an email ( or or join us at the NZ delegation booth!
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Boutiq-Kiwinet Highlight

As further to our recent success in receiving KiwiNet NZ funding, our parent VicLink have published a news blog!

In it our Managing Director Paul Atkins describes our aspirations for gaining medical device approvals over our highly magnetic iron nanoparticles (see our Product page).

Give it a read here!

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New Years (Dec-Feb Update)

We hope everyone had good holidays and new years!

It’s sunny and warm in New Zealand where Boutiq is based, and what a great start to the year! We’ve received funding to continue our commercialisation of magnetic nanoparticles from KiwiNet, an organisation which endeavours to empower commercialisation of NZ research.

We thank the organising and approvals committee and VicLink for support.

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Boutiq heartfully congratulate A/Prof. Richard Tilley (CSO and founder of Boutiq, see About Us) on his recent success receiving NZD$700,000 from Marsden for his work on metal nanorod-nanoparticle frameworks. This technology could be a key aspect of future catalytic materials in the future, and holds great potential. Further congratulations to Richard for receiving the NZAS award based on his contributions to this up-and-coming field of research.

Follow a link here to read further:

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June-August Update

Boutiq welcome our new Scientific Advisory Group, a growing network of leading scientists in the field of nanotech, biomed and sensory applications. With their help Boutiq expect to be at the forefront of new technological advances, ensuring a clear vision for the future.

See About Us in the future for updates on individual members of this group.

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March-May News

Our novel iron nanoparticles see continual development, and as such, are now offered in a range of coatings. Adding to our typical thiol-based coating, we now have on offer polymeric encapsulation that has the potential for binding different functional groups to the surface, all at once!

Are you interested in theranostics, and would like to bind an antibody and/or drug to a nanoparticle? Then check out our Product page, or contact Anna directly.

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