To order a nanoparticle product, just contact us with your enquiry and we will reply to your questions and/or send you a quote ASAP. We can be contacted by filling in the automated form here, or email anna@boutiq.co.nz directly, and she will get back to you.

We have a variety of materials which can be viewed on our Products page by material. But if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, we also have experience synthesising a variety of other materials, so contact us and enquire for more information.

To help us get back to you ASAP regarding your request, please consider some of the questions below. Although, if you are unsure about some details – feel free to contact Anna regardless.

  • Material.
  • Potential use or application – this can be broad, but may help us better understand what you require.
  • Quantity – It’s easiest to consider your application and what quantity may be used in a typical test.
  • Preferred solvent if required.
  • Do you have a preferred capping agent or stabiliser unlike those suggested on the individual products page?
  • Are there any concerns you may have with specific chemicals present – stabilisers or salts, for example. While all our products have strict quality control, this better ensures we tailor the product to your needs.


  • How do I order a product?

Just contact us with a few details, and we will send you a quote. You can then either sign the quote in the designated space, or send us a purchase order from your organisation.

  • What if I’m looking for a tailored product, or a service contract?

Excellent! We are always interested in new projects. Just contact us, or email directly to anna@boutiq.co.nz and we can discuss.

  • Shipping

All our products are shipped international DHL express, which is expected to arrive within 3 business days. Most of our non-toxic materials can be shipped by this method, and all shipping costs are included in any quote.

Should you require an organic solvent that requires special shipping; for example, by freight or chemical couriers; there may be additional costs which we will let you know of at the time of enquiry.