Nickel Nanoparticles

Nickel Spheres
Nickel Spheres

As nickel is a common magnetic material, it can be used in magnetic applications such as printable magnetic drives or bioseparation. In addition, as nickel is also a common hydrogenation catalyst, these particles could have potential as a bi-functional material. For instance, for use as recyclable catalysts.

Boutiq’s nickel nanoparticles are made of magnetic material, and come in a variety of shapes: from spherical or pseudo-cubic shapes to branched particles. As the magnetic properties can change with shape: from non-magnetic, to superparamagnetic and even ferromagnetic, these particles can be applied to a variety of applications. Please contact us in regards to your interest and relevant application, as these products are best customised.

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Relevant Publications

Can Polymorphism be Used to form Branched Metal Nanostructures? Adv. Mats. 2013

Synthesis, Alignment, and Magnetic Properties of Monodisperse Nickel Nanocubes. JACS 2012

  • Material: Nickel, Ni
  • Shape: Spherical, (Other options available on enquiry - includes pseudo-cubic and branched)
  • Crystal Structure: fcc (or hcp for branched particles)
  • Size: 5 to 8 nm for spherical, some variation depending on shape
  • Size Distribution: < 2 nm
  • Physical Appearance: black solution
  • Solubility: organic solvent such as toluene and hexane
  • Surface modification: Hydrophobic stabilisers (long-chain amines or phospines) for use in organic solvents.
  • Storage: As black solution in ambient conditions, or as black solution/powder in a moisture and air-free environment in order to prevent oxidation and improve longevity.

Size Analysis