Luminescent Silicon Quantum Dot Nanocrystals


Our silicon quantum dots show defined photoluminescent properties that are dependent on size and surface-modification. As they are made of biocompatible silicon, these quantum dots are less toxic than heavy metal based alternatives and are exciting candidates for biological applications such as in-vitro imaging; optoelectronic applications such as solar cells and LED displays; and even security inks on banknotes.

The silicon quantum dots are surface modified with different capping agents to prevent oxidation, and can be tailored to produce hydrophilic or hydrophobic quantum dots for a desired application.

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Si QDs

Relevant publications List

Sized controlled synthesis, purification, and cell studies with silicon quantum dots. Nanoscale 2011

Chemical Reactions on Surface Molecules Attached to Silicon Quantum Dots. JACS 2010

Luminescent passive-oxidized silicon quantum dots as biological staining labels….Nanotech. 2008

Example Specification Sheets

  • Material: Silicon, Si
  • Size: 2 - 4 nm  (particles larger than 4 nm are not luminescent)
  • Standard deviation: < 1 nm
  • Shape: Spherical
  • Physical appearance: yellow oil to colourless solution
  • Solubility: Water or alcohols for hydrophilic surface modification. Non-polar solvents (such as hexane) for hydrophobic.
  • Surface modification: Common surface modification include propylamine (water dispersible) and hexane (dispersible in non-polar solvents). Tailoring of the functionality possible.
  • Storage: Under nitrogen at 4 ℃ for longevity.

Size Analysis