What we provide

Boutiq specialise in the synthesis, characterisation and application of high quality, unique and complex nanoparticle systems.

As part of our product sale, we also supply our experienced services to help you achieve your research goals. This includes full characterisation on every sample delivered, with strict quality control.

What we offer

With each product Boutiq supplies, there is always room for customization and tailoring of a product to meet your requirements.

Here at Boutiq, we realise that the setup and capital costs of nanomaterial research can be discouraging. For this reason we also offer our world-leading research capabilities as a tool to complete your own research goals, for example, through a contract or an on-going service agreement. And with this service, feel that you are in total control of your own Boutiq R&D team.

If what we provide in our Products page is not an exact fit to your research, we offer tailored nanoparticle solutions. Boutiq can design and develop nanoparticle materials to your desired specifications.

Working Specifications include;

  • Material
  • Size and/or Morphology
  • Approximate Concentration or Mass
  • Surface Modification

We are always interested in new synthetic challenges so please contact us and we can discuss your needs.